DC Blogs Noted

Ice Ice Andrew writes about the new additions to his family: Twins. In two posts, Thank You and A Fantastic Beginning.

A gig that could have paid a lot is missed. Strangers Laugh at Me.

Do you live in DC and are you unfriendly, shy, or wary about people here? Bloomingdale launches a campaign to make the neighborhood more friendly, and writes: “Unfortunately, it seems, many of our neighbors have recently moved from places where saying “hello” on the street was not the custom. They look at you strangely, when you say “hi.” Or they avert their eyes.”

Palena Cafe in Cleveland Park is reviewed by Don Rockwell at DC Dining. It gets high praise.

A writer tries to explain her book in tweet-sized briefs. a girl named Sue.

The time Macaulay Culkin made a sexual innuendo at me. Kind of. Greatest Escape.



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