DC Blogs Noted

Who knows how the Ward 1 race will turn out, but Brianne Nadeau appears to be giving four-term Council member Jim Graham a run. The two had a dust up, which Capital Comment reported on.

Vacation Report: Taking a bath inside a Columbia Mud Volcano, complete with actual mud bath photo. Eat Read Run.

Here’s a photo of Word Perv‘s home office and pet.

Curbed DC has an opinion about GW’s recent dorm naming contest. The headline tells what it thinks of the outcome: GW announces boring winner of dorm naming contest.

Capital Cooking got a sneak preview of a new restaurant, Toro Toro.

Very good question: What happened to that snowy owl that got hit by a bus in DC? City Desk.

Do you like Bluegrass? Check out the DC Bluegrass Union site. Many listings.

U Street Flea Market opens Saturday. Washington Informer.



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