DC Blogs Noted

The blogger, Rice Quips, a retired military lawyer, takes full aim at the District’s government, in the post: A License to Steal.

Today is the Democratic primary in DC. Will you vote? There’s a discussion on Reddit about the contest: Who are you voting for tomorrow and why?

The DC Metro area is on track to build a lot of apartments, and if the market behaves as it should, that should make the District a little more affordable. Or will it? StreetsBlog isn’t so sure, based on some odd trends. The post: Our cities can’t afford so many rooftop spas.

The group that calls itself the DC Library Renaissance Project, (A better name for it is Save DC Libraries, its URL) has asked the mayoral candidates where they stand on the MLK redevelopment project. Five of the candidates responded.

If you are confused or clueless about the push to allow developers to offer units without RPPs (Residential Parking Permits), Urban Turf can help. Lark Turner wrote a great analysis about this controversial issue. Developers are trying to get around minimum parking requirements by restricting tenants from getting on-street parking permits.

DC Past, which offers a photographic history, is a year old. Check out the photos.



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