DC Blogs Noted

This is an outstanding, painfully honest look at what a women faces when a pap smear comes back abnormal. Dealing with the physical aspects of the test is only part of it.  Please read the comments as well. By Kathryn.

The Rock Creek Rambler on the recent shooting of a dog in Dupont Circle: What disturbs me more than the dog murdering carried out by DC’s finest is the fact that he fired a weapon in a crowded park.

The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton, a review by DC Foodies. Excerpt: The Royal Mile is the only restaurant that I know of in the area with a Scotch list, and quite an extensive one at that.

Very good Metro interior photograph at Dilettante.

Chapter 2006 takes dance lessons at Jospehine Butler Park Center for the Jam Cellar’s weekly Swing Dance.

Will Adrian Fenty be a mayor who blogs? Probably not.  His blog was mostly used for testimonials from third parties, and the last post was Aug. 17.

Please note the advertisement to the right for Political Trading Cards. The cards are a product of the imaginative artistry and wicked wit of the multitalented Meghan, who is responsible for the Web design of DCBlogs and its live feed icons.  These Bush Administration Trading Cards are richly satirical, pointed and humorous.  You can buy them at the White House gift shop (They’re located to the left of the Karl Rove teddy bear display.) or by clicking on her ad. — kob.