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Dr. James Hansen, the NASA scientist, is often credited raising the alarm about global warming in his 1988 in testimony before a U.S. Senate committee. He made it quite clear that global warming was taking place and changing the climate. Here’s a transcript of Hansen’s testimony. Amazingly, it was easier to find Hansen’s testimony on the Guardian, a UK publication, than in the government archives. But you will discover, quickly enough, in a search for Hansen’s testimony on government Web sites, climate denial nonsense publish by our bought-and-paid for lawmakers. This is a long way of bringing attention to The Green Miles, who has an interesting link to a 1980 CBS News report on climate change that seems right on target based on what we know now.

A delicious photo tour of brunch at Alba Osteria. FoodDCrave.

The turnout for the DC primary was so low, below 22%, that it has people speculating about its cause. Here are some thoughts. (1) This was a lackluster, over-populated, unenthusiastic and confusing field of candidates at a loss for something interesting to say beyond Mayor Gray and his ethics. And regarding the 2010 “shadow campaign,” the source of so much trouble for Gray, it’s a modest abuse of our Democracy compared to the recent decision by SCOTUS to lift limits on campaign donations. (2) There were certainly important issues, education, homelessness, and affordable housing, for the candidates to talk about. But what usually motivates voters is a rotten economy, and DC still has a roaring building boom with a 1,000 plus people, net, moving into the city each month. Richard Layman has an interesting analysis as to the cause of the low turnout. He blames April, not apathy, as a rotten time for a primary. DCist has the data.

This story on Urban Turf, DC Area Has Too Many Apartments, Too Few Condos, generated discussion.



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