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About a shooting in DC. East Bank DC. Excerpt: Last night, Virgil Wood – a neighbor from the block I lived on in Anacostia – was shot and killed on his front stoop, directly across the street from my old house. I’ll admit, I usually gloss over headlines like this. This kind of thing happens so often around DC, and I’ve become pretty numb to it. In this case, because it’s about someone who I’ve known since I moved back to DC, who’s been to my house, and whose number is in my phone – the headline is just really crushingly personal. Reality check.

exposeddc: Photo, outside a restaurant.

A recording of an ANC meeting is made public, following an FOIA request. The Brookland Bridge.

Bacon and Belgian beer dinner at Belga Café, Epicurean in DC.

Nude dancing liquor license comes out of hibernation. SALM.



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