DC Blogs Noted

A woman, bruised and beaten by her boyfriend, seeks the help of Beauty and the Beltway, who takes her to the hospital and then helps her move out. While they quickly pack, he shows up. Titled: A Nasty Surprise.

A photograph of a baby in a pumpkin costume prompts Circumlocutor to write of a life that involves learning to live without. Excerpt: … if there’s one thing you can say about most gay men, it’s that they’re/we’re not whiners–about the big issues in life at least. We are taught from nearly the moment of birth that homosexuals are irregular….that we will never have what our parents or grandparents (or whoever was the last generation to be happily married) had.

Detroit is for Fluffanutters. We pick up the report from Brunch Bird: They have a stand that sells just peanut butter sandwiches. Like 15 types. I’m now eating peanut butter and Fluff. (This being health-conscious Detroit, I had the option of having bacon on it. I’m not even kidding.)

Liberal Banana knows she will miss blogging, but decides it’s time to move on. This posts details the issues bloggers face. Excerpt: Even though it’s fun to write and fun to get feedback on what’s going on in my life, why should I bother putting it out there? Why should people read it? Why should I force myself to keep up with what’s going on in strangers’ lives?

How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger, is the title of City Sparkle’s  post. Among the reasons she raises is a warning about page caching — snapshots of your pages that are available on search engines even if you have deleted the post or blog.  There is a way to prevent caching.  This information is from Google’s help section. See Remove cache pages.

If you ever need to remove a post quickly and don’t want people reading a Googled cache version of it, then this ‘no archive’  command may give you peace of mind. If you are uncertain about what to do, send me a note. I don’t know if this command  will block all caching from every search engine, but it works with Google and I believe it will prevent the Wayback Machine from caching as well. — kob

Alert! Blogger Happy Hour — Tonight.  Sweet, I-66 and Kathryn are the host. Circle V has some motivating words as well.