DC Blogs Noted

Disconnected fates: a decision to put down an ill cat ,and what happens to a father who ignores his son. A perfectly observed piece entitled Death and Pizza at Oh So Something.

Watching video on an iPod: “it’s not as lame as I once thought,” writes The Shape of Days. But there are better distractions, he writes. Excerpt: I will say this, though: I understand now why I don’t get off on watching TV in public places. I’m more interested in the actual people around me than I am in what’s going on on the screen. I’m a shameless and unrepentant people-watcher. I stare.

How to get a man to buy you food.
Secret revealed at Wanderings in DC, in a two-for-one post titled: the awful fire alarm.

Keith at Drinking Liberally looks at the track record of media and special interest election endorsements. The Washington Post led this list with seven of its endorsed candidates winning. At the bottom is the Examiner with two winners. It’s exhaustive election post-mortem.

Pass on the chicken sandwich. Local Burger King photo at Church of the Big Sky.

An unhealthy obsession with CL’s “missed connections” strikes gold at Love and Haterade.

DC is bland compared to a place like Chicago, writes Wide Open Wonder. Excerpt: All the style influences here are imported from either New York or Miami, there is no character or personality to Washington D.C.! Chicago is a real city, a real place …