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The Capitol Hill Corner delivers well-written, concise reports about the neighborhood. It’s not about cute puppies. It takes on substantive issues and readers respond. A recent piece, Eastern Market Struggles With Its Identity, prompted much reader reaction. A report filed Wednesday, ANC Committee Opposes ‘& Pizza’ Move to Barracks Row, is especially well crafted. Excerpt: & Pizza owner Steve Salis delivered a professional and collegial presentation to the ANC (referring to commissioners as “you guys”),​ asserting that he was different from the other restaurants on the block because of training and discipline regarding dealing with issues concerning neighbors, including trash, rodents, noise and odors.

WriterInSoul is not comfortable with the trend to hold “Celebration of Life” services instead of a funeral. Excerpt: Part of my discomfort is that I sense the Celebration of a Life services are indicative of a larger trend toward rushing people through the grief process. So much of our culture is speed up/faster/get it done yesterday, that a period of mourning seems incredibly lengthy and drawn out by contrast.

The cost of living in DC may be bad, but it’s not all bad. DC does have one perk. Notes From A Messy Kitchen.

Tasty Kabob, a food truck, is reviewed at Dine and Drink DC. Note the prominent use of Twitter on the truck. It has nearly 10,000 followers. They aren’t the first food truck to use Twitter to keep fans abreast of the truck’s whereabouts. It’s make you wonder how critical Twitter has been the development of the food truck industry in DC.

Were you aware that they offer classes in knife skills? Well, they do and Some Kind of Wonderful learned a lot.



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