DC Blogs Noted

This is a touching post about changing lives, regret and reflection seven years after the fatal accident of a friend.  After visiting the grave site, Adjusting to being an adult … or not writes:  I went to visit him because well, as much as it was to pay respect to him, it was also for me and my memories of him and myself growing up. 

There’s a vehicle that’s been in an accident that’s damaged and stopped at an intersection. From the passenger window a man is asking for cigarette.  Kristen of Candy Sandwich, who wrote this piece, goes home and finds a pack and returns. Then the cops arrive asking about a gun and start searching the scene. But one cop is looking to pick-up more than evidence.  The scene and mood Kristen sets is so film noir you can almost touch it. 

There was once a man named Walter J. Puddingbottom who ate food while he performed at The Eckington Theater. But Puddingbottom believed he deserved a national audience. And in 1936, NBC tricked him into beliving his show would be broadcast by the network, writes the Lobotomy Radio Sandwich. It’s a fascinating piece of local history. (We found this link via the Bloomingdale blog

Scooter use appears on the rise but this writer has problems with this not-quite-a-motorcycle form of transport, in a post titled The Scooter Scourge at Metroblogging.

H Street’s newest coffee and tea shop. Sidamo. Photos and report at Frozen Tropics.