DC Blogs Noted

Cynthia, the writer of You Signed Up for What, is assaulted while running. She details the incident.

DC officials seem intent on putting speed and red light cameras everywhere. With speed limits posted at 25 mph in most places, the odds of a ticket are very high. DCist has the location of 14 new places, mostly on the major avenues NW. Memorize the list.

JD Land is giving the site a refresh. Readers are invited to check out the new approach.

Greater Greater Washington has been a big supporter of Councilman Tommy Wells. It endorsed him for mayor. Wells gave up his council seat to run for mayor, and while he could have run for an at-large seat he announced Monday that he won’t run again.

Your freshman dorm days may be long, long gone, but despite this the Prefrosh Preview: The four freshmen dorms, is an entertaining read in its own right. Vox Populi.



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