DC Blogs Noted

Orange Hoodie goes to the Franciscan Monastery and returns with photos.

Bilbo writes about the things he believes in. Politics makes the list, then it doesn’t. Excerpt: I cannot support either of the traditional political parties. Although I’m fundamentally conservative, I think the GOP and the rest of the political right has lost its collective mind and descended into utter stupidity masquerading as lofty principle.

Because this a town filled with reporters, many of whom who probably worked in newsrooms with police scanners, the blog, DC Scanning, keeps up to date on local frequencies. But there’s an interesting note here about a new app.

Sounds like a good movie: Palo Alto. DC Film Girl.

Capital Cooking wants to hire two new foodies who would be interested in covering the latest events, restaurant openings, fashion and food reviews in the DC area.



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