DC Blogs Noted

Rice Quips, who is retired military, details his experiences with the VA in the post, Take a number sucker.

Brunch Bird has a list of 24 ways to behave that she calls, The Rules.

Really great film work in B&W by dcphotoartist.

Homelessness in DC is on the rise, reports DC Fiscal Policy Institute. It points out: No one knows exactly why this happened, but a clear factor is DC’s uneven economic recovery that left many residents behind. Wages remain below 2008 levels for residents without a college degree. The unemployment rate for residents with a high school diploma is 20 percent, compared with 12 percent before the recession started.

Photo tour of six DC foods that Hungry Lobbyist says he loves.

Helpful: Free summer movies and music in and around DC. Beltway Bambinos.



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