DC Blogs Noted

Manners for men and women, an update. Urban Bohemian who writes: The line between manners and misogyny seems to have gotten blurry.

This week in booze news, there’s a new business that will offer free delivery of adult beverage products as long as you don’t live in Wards 7 & 8. DC Curbed. Meanwhile, Councilmember Tommy Wells wants to ensure a new business that creates alcohol-infused baked goods won’t be hurt by regulators. Capital Comment.

Not one more, writes the DC mother who is also the Stay At Home Pundit. Excerpt: I say gun owners with fantasies of stopping crimes or saving women or preventing tyrants are misguided. They are fools.

Bloomingdale gets some excellent attention in District Home. Sean Hennessey.

If Maya Angelou had been born 60 years later. Stirrup Queens.



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