DC Blogs Noted

Some blogs become true team efforts and that includes Bitches who Brunch, which now has eight girls in two cities. This news is included in its review of the City Tap House brunch.

Some nice photos are used to illustrate a review of Mad Momos in Columbia Heights. Dine and Drink DC.

DC Honeybees is a blog about urban beekeeping. Its latest post looks at a recent study that links a certain chemical to Colony Collapse Disorder.

Mel at Stirrup Queens writes: This is the last post I’ll write in my thirties.

Tales From The Sharrows decides to buy a new bike, a Surly Ogre.

This is Millennial Week for people born between 1977 and 2001. DC Style.

There has been a rash of assaults of late in Capitol Hill. Collective Action list the three things residents can do to make their community safer.



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