DC Blogs Noted


Where’s the Fire? Harmany Music. Unlike the DCPD, the DCFD can have some fun.

The Undateable Woman explained by the Hipster Dork. Excerpt: I have a nose for undateable women. Like a moth to a flame, so I am drawn and the end result is always the same.

DC Convention Center wireless access charges are profoundly out of touch with reality. See screen shot at White Knuckled Wanderer 

10 Signs You and Your Friends Might Be Huge Football Fans. Here’s one: The opening music to Monday Night Football (not the Hank Williams Jr. song, mind you) is your ringer. From I-66.

DC Sports writes: Dear Redskins Fan, Come away from the ledge. Put away your noose. Take the gun barrel out of your mouth. This is not the end of the world …

Takes private, self-guided White House tour. Excerpt: Downstairs, where only the tourist ever enter, Grover Cleveland and Herbert Hoover’s portraits seemed banished the furthest recesses of the White House. Hilary Clinton was also not surprisingly placed down here. From The Vagabond’s Journey.