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The underpass on Connecticut Avenue just north of Dupont Circle may be covered over with a platform, and turned into a park, according to a plan Councilman Jack Evans is championing. Greater Greater Washington has the report. The comments are interesting. Some argue that the platform may benefit from commercial kiosks selling this or that, or even buildings.

Minutes per mile is in South Walton, Fla., and visiting some beautiful places. The photos are great.

On Monday, we noted a blog here about DC beekeeping. Well, Where You Are Planted has written a story about DC’s newly legalized honey and the people who like it.

After a long sleepy period of very little development, Adams Morgan is seeing a lot of new construction. Urban Turf has the rundown.

DC is thinking about a plan to impose congestion, toll pricing in downtown. InTheCapital has the details.

Editor’s note: Apologies to fans, but due to personal reasons, we will miss Thur. Back Friday.



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