DC Blogs Noted

On Sunday, the writer of Sociology in my Neighborhood, “spent two and half hours collecting signatures near Eastern Market to put legalization of marijuana on the ballot. It was probably the most enjoyable political work I’ve done.”

This was Dine and Drink DC‘s ninth pride, and she recalls her first one. Excerpt: After living in a small, conservative southwestern Virginia town for my entire life- this felt like Mecca. We spent the day just hanging out in Dupont Circle, being among “our people.”

Joe. My. God., reports that an armed service color guard marched in this weekend’s gay pride parade. Photo.

The Antiplanner says that the proposed auto transportation plan for DC, called, “MoveDC,” will reduce the mobility of District residents. Excerpt: The plan calls for reducing auto commuting from 54 percent to no more than 25 percent of all workers in the district, while favoring transit, cycling, and walking. For a different take, Greater Greater Washington says that ‘Every street is going to prioritize pedestrians, says moveDC’s lovely fine print.”

MPD hasn’t been connecting well with Capitol Hill residents, reports Capitol Hill Corner.



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