DC Blogs Noted

Collective Action has an account of an incident that’s bad on several levels, starting with a rude cyclist: I was suddenly knocked to the ground. I couldn’t figure out what had happened until the bicyclist on the sidewalk who hit me yelled “move your fat ass,” as he turned the corner, instantly gone. Remarkably, I heard some people laugh. No one bothered to stop the bicyclist, and only one person offered to help me get up from the ground.

The love of my life. City Girl.

Dramatic (only if you’re hurting for drama) photo of a car that fell into construction hole on Park Road. New Columbia Heights.

Condos and retail coming to area know as chiller plant site. JDLand.

Eric Cantor’s inaction on the environment won’t be missed. The Green Miles. Notions Capital offers his take.

Red Brick Town is a blog about Alexandria.



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