DC Blogs Noted

A well penned letter to NASCAR by Good Brown Gravy, which begins: First I would like to thank you for hosting such a splendid event. Whoever originally decided to take an enormous engine, strap it to a frame, and then race it with an over-sized chassis at 200 mph was a genius of the highest caliber.

An unspoken rule about looking at pictures on a phone. edatrix.

Neighborhood Nomads visits Boneyard Studios, a mini-neighborhood of tiny homes, all less than 300 square feet, and writes: The tiny houses of DC are a reminder that now is an optimal moment to streamline our stuff, that now is an opportunity to show our children that the simple beauty of the people and places around them matter more than any of it.

It’s ok to hit pedestrians as long as you’re not paying attention. Green Miles. Meanwhile, DC plans to install solar-powered beacons along Maryland Ave. NE, which feature flashing lights to warn motorist to look out for pedestrians. .d.

Where to watch the World Cup. Vox Populi.



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