DC Blogs Noted

      A second year medical student at Georgetown shares his experience with two cancer patients. Time may be running out for both and this writer details, vividly, what he is witnessing. From Veritography (Thanks to Cube for the recommendation.)

Here’s the scoop (literally) on Barbie … from Womenhavingitall: But now, finally, Mattel releases a Barbie I can support. I think this doll teaches our young girls an important life lesson. You may have highlights that get retouched every week for $200, huge breast implants, and a Stepford boy toy …

The best pizza is in the Northeast (see Epicurious) but if someone from the Northeast touts its pizza as superior to anything in DC, that person will be called at least ill-informed or, worse, a pizza snob. The reviewer at Wine with Dinner, a New Englander, has high praise for pizza from a place in Arlington called The Italian Store.  

More on pizza and quite a few other things about DC by Vers l’absurde.  Excerpt: And while I love almost all pizza, I have to say that I had some Very Good Pizza in DC. Pizza that has been recognised by the Italian government as being verace pizza napoletana. Pizza that is definitely going to be on my “must return” list for my next trip to DC. 

Crime emergencies from around the country: A parent calls with details, writes Best Fall Ever. Excerpt: That’s right, one of the most annoying forms of breath mints on the face of this planet (the stupid box makes too much noise and they never leave you with a minty fresh feeling) had been STOLEN. Not only STOLEN, but reported as STOLEN.