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A bear was sighted on the campus of the National Institues of Health near the Metro station. The Washington Post has the photo. One bear, ok: The Rough Draft recently came across four of them.

A day of close calls. DC Peg.

Why this writer at Stop Requested is not done with online dating, despite what logic may say.

Saying ‘I have a boyfriend’ isn’t a good move, but we’re wrong about why. Shaunanagins.

Toro Toro, which has replaced Tuscana West at 1300 Eye St., gets a good review at DC Eats Aficianado.

Dear Reader: The live feed is down. The database is fine, but not sure about the problem, exactly, but we’re working on it. By the way, if there any Web developers interested in helping with a redesign, please contact dcblogs@gmail.com



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