DC Blogs Noted

Great photo: Lightning bolt strikes in Adams Morgan. Nicko’s Big Picture.

Restoration hardware is mailing out catalogs that weigh 11.8 pounds, according to All Life is Local. Peggy writes: If I had run downstairs fast enough to catch the UPS man doing the drop-off, I would have refused the package and made him haul it back to his truck.

DC Millennials are being ‘priced out’ of DC but aren’t moving east of the river where rents are cheaper. Congress Heights on the Rise, who writes: The Advoc8te has the distinct feeling that we are talking about two different District of Columbias. Millennials are definetly flocking to DC but look where in DC they are flocking. There is a world of difference (and rental opportunities) between Columbia Heights and Congress Heights — it seems that more than a river divides us.

A Michigan resident moves to DC for the summer, and writes: In moving to DC for the summer, I was reminded of the one aspect I absolutely cannot stand: catcalls. The first incident happened not even 24 hours after arriving in DC. The Michigan Daily.

Kitchenette: Transgender woman files complaint over slur printed on check.

Lori tries out “the sensational MinibarBeen There, Eaten That.

Why Vice is the worst news site ever. 1. It’s mostly click bait. 2. It believes Scott Walker is a hero. 3. It’s picking on DC.



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