DC Blogs Noted

DC MumboSauce is closing, but the reasons are very universal. This blogger started the site when he was 28 and now that he is 35, it’s time to move on. Excerpt: I have changed a lot over the last 7 years, and so has my goals, my interests, and what I feel in my heart. And honestly, my heart and my interest is no longer into keeping this site going.

DC’s most godawful intersections. DC Curbed.

Despite the intersections, DC is cool. Capitol File. More about DC’s unrelenting gentrification, restaurant development, and very expensive housing, generally everything everyone says they hate about DC.

Before U Street became trendy, it housed a number of large storage facilities. The House History Man.

The Silver Line has its own Wikipedia page. It’s opening July 26.

Scott Wilson explains, very crisply, why he will never leave DC.

A blog about tourism that’s written for Washingtonians. In this week’s installment, a visit to Madame Tussauds. Roll Call.



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