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Georgetown’s ANC wants to put in speed bumps for bikes. Georgetown Metropolitan writes: It’s also rich that the ANC is taking this step in light of the fact that four pedestrians have been killed by cars in Georgetown over the last 10 years, and the ANC has not lifted a finger to ask DDOT to explore road design measures designed to slow cars. But some bicyclists “almost” hit some people on K St. and finally Something Must Be Done.

Car drivers are far less within the limits of the law than bicyclists. Gwadzilla.

Tweet of last week: Cyclists as scofflaws. Bike Snob NYC.

What is it like to live in Penn Quarter/Downtown DC? Penn Quarter Living.

A new favorite hat is shown off in some very good photos. James1542.

Advice from NBC Washington: 13 things every cyclist needs to do. Another story we liked: A $17 sandwich?! Why food trucks are getting expensive.

Editor’s Note: We are taking a nice, long break. May post over the July 4th holiday, but otherwise … Have a great holiday!




  1. Thanks so much for checking out James1542! I’m glad you like my new hat 🙂

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