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The design possibilities embedded in the clothespin are enormous as Alice’s Adventures Underground discovers. Illustrated with photos. The post is Suck It, Pinterest.

A Washington Post story Sunday drew attention to Blue Line ride complaints about the Silver Line. It also highlighted this clever blog, Save the Blue Line, with some PSAs about the looming Blue Line misery.

Bicyclsts in Portland, Ore. are better behaved than bicyclists in DC, and the data proves it. Greater Greater Washington. One threat faced by cyclists is the sudden opening of doors on parked cars. Pardon Me For Asking. Witch on a Bicycle writes about bicycle outrage with a bite.

It’s probably a good idea for libraries to mark banned book week. There is historical value to it. See Susie’s Budget and Policy Corner. But the bigger threat today is not from people who may want to ban certain books, but from people who attack entire categories of knowledge such as the science of climate change. Perhaps libraries could hold a week explaining how climate change denial is the new book burning.

New blog, Manda Writes Things. A blog about things that irritate me.




  1. Manda says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I really, really enjoyed the Blue Line blog 🙂

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