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Pharmacies and grocery stores know your most intimate details.  Every time you swipe a discount card, databases connect you to your purchases. The chains know everything about you: What you eat. What you drink. What drugs you buy and can sum from these purchases your lifestyle, secret pleasures and probably life expectancy. There are no secrets in America and its vast collection of databases, so blog and tell the rest.  Because when you blog you’re in control; you are no longer a data point but a voice, a rebellion against this privacy invasion. It’s a means of fighting back. And so this is how to introduce Green Canary’s story.  It starts: I think I understand why it is impossible for me to find a boyfriend. Apparently, it’s because I’m already married with young children, a dog and a gastrointestinal problem. At least that’s what Safeway seems to think.

You apply for a job and shortly after an email not meant for you arrives. What do you do? That’s what Reality Bites must decide.

The mikvah and the power of water at Looking2Live.  Excerpt: I had experienced a feeling of being in utero, with my back straight and my hips moving easily and fully as my body was supported by the warm water. It was my beginning at understanding my traumatic birthing process that could well have resulted in my current physical problems. Coming to terms with water and with my body are life-long goals of mine.

Pentagon to Tear Down World’s Most Dangerous Hot Dog Stand, from DCist.

Teens attack metro bus: Yet more proof that the curfew is nothing more than a band aid on a festering woundStop Blog and Roll.

The biggest current work-at-home challenge I have is my cat, writes WashingtonGardener.