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What your DC steakhouse says about you. New Republic. Very good.

Lots of rainbow photos but here’s the best of the lot. Exposed.

There’s nothing better than bikes vs. cars. It raises blood pressure, sends people into fits, and blows-up blog comment sections. On DC’s entitled ‘bike terrorists,” Housing Complex. It’s about a Washington Post columnist who goes bonkers over cyclists, prompting a response. GGW tries to mediate and calls for empathy for bikers, but most people would rather argue. The winner goes to: Why bikes make smart people say dumb things. Gizmodo. Kittens under threat. Photo.

Adams Morgan Liquor License Moratorium was lifted for restaurants. It’s about time. The moratorium has held the neighborhood back by discouraging investment. City Desk has the details.

Filed under: We did not know this: A DC start-up invented a frozen yogurt vending machine. Business Insider.

Editor’s Note: We will be back Monday. And regarding Live Feed. As you may have notice it conks out from time to time. There’s a bad blog in it. Sometimes when blogs are retired, domains abandoned, spammers take over. The problem with this particular blog is ID’ing it out the 3,000 or so blogs in the feed engine. The hunt continues.



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