DC Blogs Noted

On their way to shop at Whole Foods, this writer witnesses a mugging at 13th and P Street NW. Titled, Assault at Logan Circle NW: … i’ve never experienced or seen a personal, physical assault much less in broad daylight and during rush hour. those fools had some gall! From Kori :: A Journey.

We don’t need no men! Writes JoJo at Life and Musings about a home improvement project. She writes: My gay boyfriends next door told me that I could unscrew the cabinetry fairly easily. My attitude was screw that. I got out the hammer and crowbar and pretty much laid waste to the cabinetry. Also read JoJo’s Tips for Florence and Rome.

DC Baby, a Scandinavian girl takes on the capital

Cabbies love talking about international policy, writes Adventures in Wedding Photography. Excerpt: There are also a lot of cabbies from Ghana in DC. These are the jolly and very fun drivers. When they ask me where I have traveled to (as they always do at some point) and I tell them I have been to Africa, they get very excited. They have hearty laughs and always have a hard time believing that I chose to spend time there. And when you can actually talk African policy, they melt. [and then you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged, either]

Here’s a neighborhood blog, Fifth and Oh that offers a perspective from Shaw. A report from a neighborhood meeting: One recurring theme was the complaint that the police aren’t following up on information provided by residents, and therefore people aren’t calling the police because they think there will be no response.

Kristina attends Texas Swing band performance at Kennedy Center and so does Laura Bush. From My DCed Life.

No more soap lady at Dupont Circle Farmers Market, writes Danvera.

Increasing real estate trend on Capitol Hill: Single family homes are being divided up and sold as condos, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues.