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Sometimes blogs disappear into Twitter, and such was the case with Unsuck DC Metro, one of the District’s most popular blogs. Now it’s a Twitter powerhouse, with some 25,000 followers and a steady retweet stream of misery. The complaints (below) are related to the Blue Line, which has seen some changes since the opening of the Silver Line. Save the Blue Line explains.


Can Lyman’s Tavern resurrect pinball culture in DC? DCist. Weighing in as well is New Columbia Heights.

An in-town vacation of sorts: The District Darling goes to DGS Delicatessen, Jazz in the Gardens, Red Light, Ted’s Bulletin, El Centro, SUNdeVICH, Union Market with a camera. Also, Stachowski Market, Black Cat and other places.

This blog endorses Carol Schwartz for mayor. D2 Route.

Editor’s note: We will be back on Monday.



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