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This is a remarkable story. It starts with parking tickets on a windshield, which escalates to an orange boot and then a tow to the district’s end-of-the-world impoundment lot. But Brunch Bird fights back and accomplishes what quite possibly no one has ever accomplished before. The post is titled: The One Where I Beat the D.C. Police Department. (Nod to Sweet)

A series of biblical citations on a construction site prompt an investigation by alpacaOrange, a writer at the group blog thisisby.us. A well written piece that begins: There is rarely anything remarkable about a construction site in DC. I’ve grown so accustomed to the morning hum of jackhammers and the comet tail of welding sparks spilling out of unfinished windows at night that I think that, once downtown’s all built up, the silence will be unnerving. But the other day, something caught my attention …

The person she once thought of marrying is getting married, writes Ryane at Me, My thoughts and I. Excerpt: I found out where he is living now, and that he is getting married and weirdly enough, I cared. And this scared me.

Great photos and wrap-up of this past weekend’s Virgin Festival at And I Am Not Lying, For Real

Switzerland is a toll charge. EavesdropDC

Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie Real Estate Agent. Street wise expertise turned into a consulting business.