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Editor’s note: This is an expanded, updated, version of DC Blogs Noted from Thur. Many new, some old, no change in heading photo. Something, one-time perhaps, different.

DC Summer Interns has vignettes about things Interns do and say. Some are funny, such as the ID on the bathing suit.

DC on Heels is one of the more interesting DC websites. It interviews people on the street, and people are asked to talk about their clothing styles and fashion sense. It does a wonderful job with video.

Kelly the Culinarian knew American journalist Jim Foley. She writes that he “was easily the bravest reporter I encountered in my time at Medill – after graduation, he took to the Middle East, fearlessly working to bring to light the tales of atrocities a world away.”

The architects and staff at the firm behind the blog Parchment list their favorite places to vacation.

The latest: Rattlesnake Chili and Bison Ribs on H Street. Capitol Hill Corner.

The latest on poetry in DC. Chicks Dig Poetry.

Does Benjamin Franklin matter? Bilbo.



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