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Tiki Tiki Tembo

This poet and musician who dances, lights candles in a shower and runs 12 miles, writes poignantly about the issues in her life.

Maybe I’m fascinated with heads because I’m feeling headless myself. I don’t know when I’ll write another song.

Something else?

What the Kay

Smartly written meditation on life, DC, and change.

I’m just missing things, people are getting different jobs, graduating from college, or grad school, breaking up, geting back together, getting engaged, buying houses, and I’m in my one bedroom apartment watching Robot Chicken with my girlfriend.

MONOGAMY – To do or not to do?

Up All Night Jane

Jane needs to know: Is monogamy natural?

As I am beginning to embark on a possible relationship with a mouth-watering specimen of the opposite sex (oh that’s a mouthful! No pun intended!), I begin questioning the lifestyle changes I’ll have to adapt to.

The 15lb challenge – update

Pink Thunder

Weight Watchers and the importance of databases.

…the power of their database is not to be underestimated. When I looked up foods I’d eaten, I often found alternatives (low fat or fat free) that had half or one-third the impact on my body.

Landlord from hell

DC Sleeps Alone Tonight

Recent rains cause a flooding problem which gives rise to smells. Landlord’s at the beach. Here is part one of the post.

Summer vacation; the first week

Hats from Mexico

No intro needed, just scroll to May 25 post.

… my first week of summer vacation was spent at the outer banks ruining all the organs that inhabit my body with taquitos, pizza and a steady stream of vodka.

Noted: Photographs from Cancun by Bureauqette, beginning May 24. Scroll down.