DC Blogs Noted

If the bubble market is letting out some air is it a good time to buy or are you better off renting? An analysis at Bubble Meter and the inspiration for the pink balloon photo above.

Ariel: Hot or Not? Or Initial Thoughts on the Masculine Mystique. If this very clever title by Circle V doesn’t interest you in the rest of the post then, well, you know absolutely nothing about the Disney Princess Collection.

Man up buddy. A cabbie gets the parking space first and the loser is steamed. So, the unhappy driver calls the cab dispatcher at the Blank Top Chronicles and demands action.

Question of the day: When people get on an elevator, why do they feel the need to press the button that I’ve clearly pressed already? From An Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting

Throwing Hammers Photoshop Challenge. See the photos. Excerpt: It gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural Throwing Hammers Photoshop Challenge. Ever since I saw the mad geniuses at work over at Something Awful and what they do with their weekly Photoshop Phriday contest, I’ve been incredibly curious to see what would happen if we tried something like this in our extended blog community …