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The credit card bill arrives and all looks good except for this one small charge. The writer’s wife investigates. Excerpt: …so Beth called. Apparently, I purchased a membership to an exclusive website. An exclusive gay porn website. From Rude Cactus. (Nod to E;)

Capt. Jack Sparrow sees a car serving wildly on the road and follows it for more than 10 miles until police intercept. Excerpt: He swerved and almost knocked me into the cement divider between the northbound and southbound lanes, scaring me half to death. I took a deep breath — that was a close one. I started shaking, and not just my hands, but my chest and abs. I glanced over and saw that the driver was spaced-out … From Conversations with Mud.

About the default APR on a credit card. Does 30.40% sound about right? From it really is just a blog in my pocket.

Break-up lines. A collection from readers at at Not Yet A Wino