DC Blogs Noted

It’s In My Blood. DC Cookie explains why she will always be a Canadian citizen.  For those who think of the US as the land of opportunity and possibly the best country in which to live, I’m inclined to agree, she writes. But American citizenship is not my destiny, because the words “Welcome to Virginia” do not elicit a fraction of the same response from my heart strings.

Celebrating her fourth anniversary as a DC resident, Just a Taste of Red, is still thrilled to be living here, and writes: Have you ever stopped to think about how insanely lucky we all are to live here, right here in DC?

The writer of a new blog, the Criminalization of Black Males, argues that he has less freedom today than he had 35 years ago. A case in point is made during a shopping experience. 

What the Foley scandal reveals about the Republican attitude toward sex.  In a well argued and thoughtful piece, Dennis at More Than My Luggage writes:  Events like this have convinced me that, at base, the Republican Party is really consumed with sex. It’s apparently the only thing that really sends their blood pumping. It was sex that sent Republicans into a rabid frenzy over President Clinton. Gay marriage reliably gets Republican votes (even if some of those votes cast on the floor of Congress are cast by (shhh!) closeted gay people).

What looks like your average vintage copy of The Cat in the Hat is actually her new handbag. An Eastern Market purchase by Blah Blah Blog.

Dunkin Donuts is coming this way, writes Harmany Music. Sign seen at 17th and P.  

There was a time when most kids walked to school. Now walking is a special day, as it was this week in Alexandria, as Cold Kiwi, parental walker, reports.