DC Blogs Noted

The airline rules were evidently applied to the fleet footed in the Army 10-Miler, reports the writer at Life and Musings, who joined 24,000 others in Sunday’s race. She writes: I’m used to carrying a fuel pack with my Gatorade and gels. I’ve found that taking small sips of fluid throughout the run works best for me. I’ve also been taught to consume gels every half hour. This year, we weren’t allowed to carry fuel packs. The race organizers assured us that there were stations every two miles. This meant that I had to break my rhythm to chug water and Gatorade on the run and couldn’t effectively monitor my fluid intake.

It’s Socktoberfest, and along with some photos of elegant looking socks, Pink Monkey Knits tells of the time she traveled to India for two months to teach advanced knitting skills to young women at a local tailoring school. The post, My Sock History.

Photo of the out-the-door line for Amsterdam Falafel at Metroblogging, which asked: Anyone have a clue why it’s worthy of the wait? (Nod to Erika)

Dupont Circle House Tour on Sunday, reports Velvet in Dupont.

If you are at all curious about what happens in law school classes, see Law School Barbie at The Mark Pike.

Trial separation from TV, writes Ah Bugger. I think we’ll get back together, eventually. It’s not like we are divorcing. I would just like to see other people.