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grung dupont

First full day in Korea after a 10 year absence. Arielmin.

The 42 Bus chronicles recent changes in Adams Morgan: the closing of Chief Ike’s, the start of work permitting of the long-planned-discussed-debated hotel, and the plan to open Songbyrd. Regarding the later, the sign has been in the window for sometime, but the Twitter account is very active.

There is a $5,000 reward for information regarding a kitten shot in the eye. Photo. Frozen Tropics. Photo.

There was a V-22 Osprey flying around DC the other day. It got quite a bit attention on Twitter, but DC Tropics has some nice photos of this helicopter.

Bitches Who Brunch turns five this month.

Dealing with a boot is Lemon Gloria.

It’s a boy cow. Photo. Slow Cook.



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