DC Blogs Noted

This is the 11th anniversary of the tragic loss of “one of the Great Loves of my life,” writes Aileen at Infinite Connections.  An excerpt: He arrived to pick me up for our first date, and I was immediately smitten. He had these amazing green eyes- he was definitely an “alpha male” type, but his eyes made him seem very vulnerable and child-like. (Nod to Reya)

Dear Madonna, an open letter seeking adoption, by the Church of the Big Sky. It starts: I know you’re busy these days, hanging on a cross and falling off horses and wrapping mystical red string around the world, but I wanted to bend your ear for a minute. I heard through the celebrity poop scoop grapevine that you’re currently scouring Malawi for an orphan to adopt … (Nod to Janet)

The Candy Economy, by Grateful Dating. The confessions and revelations of a former candy hoarder. (Nod to 🙂

It’s a great party with a crowd of intelligent people “graciously making small talk,” and Kate, the writer at Sunday Morning, is having a very good time until she accidently locks herself in the bathroom:   I  was hostage; hostage in the nicest bathroom I’ve ever been in, but hostage nonetheless.

Our favorite U.S. attorney runs into Richard Thomas in Whole Foods, and writes:  I told him I enjoyed his body of work – acting – and he said “thank youuuuu” in the most southern drawl any native New Yorker could ever muster – then hung a left towards cheese and disappeared from my life … From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Some good recommendations tonight — thanks everyone. — kob