DC Blogs Noted

Namaste is in Jerusalem where life is on edge and young people drink more.  “In full ‘suvival’ mode,” she also begins living from one moment to the next against the ominpresent threats of that city and its “unlucky lottery.” That moment, for her, arrives when a cab picks her up. What should have been a five minute ride becomes a much longer one. This is an exceptionally powerful and well-written story. (A nod to Phil of the Playaz, who in a note wrote: Namaste has posted some very interesting, sometimes harrowing tales of her recent trip to Israel.  From the beginning, the Playaz urged her to return safely, and fortunately she did.)

Right wing bumper stickers collection by Rude Cactus with appropriate commentary. A favorite: Neo Con Onboard.

On Happy National Coming Out Day, Dale at DC Gays of our Lives lists the 10 benefits, such as:  The ability to watch shows such as Golden Girls, Designing Women, and Roseanne with nary a bit of shame in the world.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog  shares some photos you may have missed of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recent visit with Iceland’s Prime Minister Geir Haarde.

Cigar Box Love at Judith Heart Song.