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Tower Records is closing, bankruptcy. Its 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. store will close two weeks before Christmas, according to a sales clerk. The store is marking down items 10%-15% and won’t be restocking, so its new DVD and CD collections will take on a time machine quality in a few weeks. I spent many nights there until its midnight closing, a personal refuge of sorts, browsing music, movies and magazines and eclectic collection of books.  There was live music during the lunch hour from time to time. It was one of the best things about living in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood and I will miss this store. The 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. building that’s been home to Tower for many years is a mini-mall. A Gap closed earlier this year and a Johnny Rockets will occupy that space, according to my local bartender.  — kob. Among those who will miss Tower is Diner Girl, who writes: I am so bummed that Tower Records is going out of business. Granted, I haven’t been to Tower lately, but I have soooo many fond memories of the Tower at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC. It was on my college campus and it was the place where I spent most of my hard-earned money from all my part-time jobs. …..

Stripy knee socks and stripy cat tail, photo, at Life off Balance.

An intern at the United States Attorneys Office writes about his day in court. He learns two unrelated things. Don’t upset a judge, and don’t get stuck in the Metro doors.  From ic to dc.

Stoney’s is back, halfway between 14th and 15th on P Street NW, reports The Dumping Ground.

Confessions of a Short Girl from the blog Below the Knee. ShoeGirl writes: I admit it, I am terribly, ugly, green with envy of those girls whose pants fall at exactly the right length with all of their shoes! How do they do it? Are all these girls the same height? You know how when you go to the shoe store and most of the display shoes are a 6 or 7? Are all pant lengths based upon a certain height of girl? If so, how tall is that girl?

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