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There is a very long list of blogs in the DCBlogs RSS feed, some dating back 15 years. About 90 percent no longer exist. For brief shining moments, they told of lost loves, new loves, odd encounters, and aimless thinking. Most are gone. Posts deleted. Domains abandoned.

In 2005, when DCBlogs was launched, the local blog scene was exploding. Blogs like Why.I.Hate.DC shook up the town with a never-ending takes on all that is wrong with DC.

There were blogs that were created that only had one or two posts. People had something to say and said it. Many shut down within a year. Some persisted for many years until they were gradually abandoned. And then there were the bloggers that signed-off with good reason, such as the arrival of a baby. There was a lot of heart.

There was some notion, back then, that blogging might humanize by opening the door to lives. And then came Facebook, a platform which seems to be disintegrating into an endless feed of Internet memes.

Blogs existed long before Facebook. Most had no intention of becoming publishing empires, turning a profit, or drawing vast numbers of readers, although most pasted Sitemeter code on their blogs.  (Sitemeter will be “permanently retired” on July 1.)

Over the years DC’s blogosphere shifted away from the personal to the commercial. Food, fashion, shopping and lifestyle blogs proliferated. Neighborhood blogs developed.

Current trends aren’t necessarily the future. Blogging allows a level of creativity and randomness that Facebook does not. A blogger’s URL exist on the Internet. A Facebook post is not easy to find. A blog exists in an open universe and perhaps, one day, people will realize the value.

It’s time to re-explore DC’s blogging universe and see what’s going.

A few changes.

This won’t post on a daily basis, at least initially. More randomly.

The category of “personal blogs” has been removed. It is impossible to keep that category up-to-date.

The live feed was overtaken by commercial blogs as people shifted more to business models. Moreover, most track their favorite blogs through social media platforms.

But DCBlogs was always about discovery. So, let’s see what’s out there.





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