DC Blogs Noted

This writer at Rants, Raves and General Musings agrees to allow the Dupont Circle Citizens Assn. to include his home in its recently held neighborhood house tour.  As the day approaches, he worries about the decision, and writes: I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of 1,000 strangers walking through my house when I wasn’t even allowed to be home.  But when the day arrives, he goes on the tour and offers a report:  Some had music playing and bite sized treats. Others looked like the owner jumped out of bed and scrambled away minutes before the doors were opened. But all allowed a glimpse into the way people live and what a body could do with their own century old space, if given the proper resources.

DC’s blogging correspondent in France, Barbara at Looking2Live, is filing a series of reports, with photos, about the experience. But the photo of the bird on the dinner plate in the post titled Cezanne’s Country may change your thinking about French cooking.  In a note about the work, Kate of KMusings writes: She is a lyrical writer, perhaps because she is a musician, and her recounting is always special

What is cheating? A business school view of the ancient practice by Elise at Where is my Mind. It starts: Business school is warping my brain. It’s making me rethink all of my prior notions of what men are and do and think.

The SAT writing test has revealed a ugly truth: The vast majority of students today are incapable of writing, with pen on paper, in the beautiful, elegant curvise style that generations before attempted to learn.  From Life Outtacontext.