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Apple Absolved. Customer service that works. Son of Clown Ops.

Buy of the week: This box (asking price- $414,900) has no kitchen, a half bath, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues.

A recent post by DC Mr Anthrope about an accident involving a bike and cab at Dupont Circle, noted previously here, drew a sharp response from Freewheeling Spirit. In his  post, Mr. Anthrope argued that both cabs and bikes have reputations for ignoring traffic laws. But Freewheeling takes exception to it, and writes:  Bicyclists also know that, no matter what the facts, they will be presumed to be at fault. In fact, even when it’s clear that the cyclist was not at fault (e.g., she was riding in the bike lane ) the car is likely to be portrayed as doing things on its own, as if there is no driver involved.

Fake Attack at Drink and Walk. Interesting blog find.

Crime drama at hashi ramblings. Action photos.

City buses become Jake’s ticket to adventure.  So he rides and rides and rides and then writes:  I’ve actually wanted to do it for a while now. As you all know, if you ride the bus, transfers are free so long as they are within two hours. So I decided to just hop one bus after another all day until I was hopelessly lost in the city.  At Ink Tank, the Washington Journalism Center blog