DC Blogs Noted

Shortly after joining a DC lawfirm, the writer at Gay, Esq., who is anonymously “recounting life as a gay lawyer at a major DC firm,” is asked to head the firm’s diversity committee. His unstated mission is to bring a gay presence to a recruitment dinner. He writes: My implicit objective that evening was to pick out the gays among the fresh blood, convince them that Yes, The Firm welcomes diversity, then, over the course of the evening, get sufficiently drunk to make all the offerees uncomfortable, like so many pages in Mark Foley’s brownstone.

Texpundit, who describes his work as the “semi-coherent ravings of a Texan, expatriate now living in Washington, DC,” discovers the sad truth about dating in his hew home. It starts: Being single in DC is basically a lose-lose situation. Dating in the workplace is a bad idea and trying to meet people through Craigslist or the happy hour scene is not a winning proposition. If you’re single, male, in your mid-30s and not a buffed-out adonis (I’m definitely not unattractive, just a little pudgy after years of being a musician, touring and hard living), your prospects are even worse …


Check out the YouTube kickball-karaoke film by Ar-Jew-Tino, who writes: THIS is what happens when you combine kickball and cheap beer: my team drunkenly singing along to Livin’ on a Prayer. (Thanks to Sweet for the recommendation)  

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