DC Blogs Noted

The writer at This is Me, Honest, is called for Jury Duty and rides the bus with a lot of “unsavory looking characters” to a court that requires an 8 a.m. showing and offers no breakfast snacks for the trouble. But what really gets this writer is this:

I knew the actual trial wasn’t going to be anything like it is on Law & Order or other TV shows but I was really disappointed by how slow the attorneys were. I felt like objecting a few times when the defense attorney kept repeating the same question, 10 different ways. More then 3 minutes of silence while you read your notes seems a bit much.

Is it the food or the woman? Dinner at Bistrot du Coin produces some tasty writing. Excerpt: It’s true, I try to be an objective observer but I’m a flawed human who succumbs to his weaknesses: food and women. I can no longer offer an objective opinion on whether or not the mussels were truly good. Perhaps they were cooked just right, with the perfect amount of wine, butter, veggies and whatever else goes into that pot, or perhaps they were just being shared by the sensation to my left. Personally, I think it was the latter. From Jay’s Strange Blog.

This Nawlin’s expat is on the phone to California where no one understands her.  The Girl from the South  understandably takes out her frustration on Hollywood. Excerpt, from the footnote: … most movies will have either a Mississippi drawl or a Texan slang. Hardly anyone actually speaks that way. I can’t stand most movies about the South because of that. Steel Magnolias is like fingernails down a chalkboard. Must be what the Brits felt when Bridget Jones came out. And seriously folks, get over the Deliverance crap. We have shoes and we’re educated.