DC Blogs Noted

Yearning, in a desperate sort of way for the Food Channel, DC Katastrophe begins to angst almost immediately when her 1 p.m. “Comcast-given ‘window’ begins.” What follows is very entertaining timeline. Excerpt: Any time now between 1 and 4pm a cable fairy will magically descend and let the food network come to my TV. I drool with anticipation (or was that the Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich?).

Free to Watch Football. The writer at My first year of law school, is in a bar watching the Patriots game and strikes up a conversation with a U.S. Marine who is heading overseas.  She writes: 

This was going to be the last Patriots game he would see in a bar in the USA this season, and possibly next season as well. And it just struck me as incredibly sad. He was stateside for such a short period of time and what he missed most was the freedom of screaming at the top of his lungs in a bar, drinking a beer and doing victory shots after touch downs.

Snowboarding in DC, a report by Gonzo Rangers. It starts: DC is generally not a snowboarder friendly city. In addition to lacking 400 inches of snow a year and several thousand feet of vertical, snowboarders seem about as common in the area as Goldwater republicans.

The writer at Entry-Level Eating, a new blog about life and food, has her first DC burrito but it comes with some guilt: I felt like I was cheating on the New Haven burrito guys. (Also read the post: Redwall Warriors.)

What happens when you are in love at Playing with MatchesShort and sweet.

Book review: Brenda Frese’s just-released Overtime Is Our Time: The Inside Story of the Maryland Terps’ 2006 National Championship, at DC BasketCases.

Pretty Rubble writes of the trials of her life. (What a great blog name) Excerpt: 

The most crucial, precarious time was from 2001-2005 when I decided to leave my husband. My “gorge” was my lack of my own finances, my lack of any college education, my inability or inexperience in day to day things like dealing with bills and banking or car problems.  I basically left with the shirt on my back.