DC Blogs Noted

Stuart Davenport, who with his wife Lana, are planning to open Big Bear Cafe, at 1st and R St., NW, is running for an ANC position. Along with a café, he writes,  we’re also developing a free neighborhood wireless program so that everyone in south Bloomingdale can access the internet for free. (That’s one way to get votes from bloggers) They also run a blog.

What’s so hard about responding to an RSVP, especially in the age of Evite? A rant by Hey Pretty, who writes: 

It is so fraking rude, I cannot get over it. If somebody is nice enough to invite you to something, you should be polite enough to acknowledge this gesture. I understand that people don’t want to commit, especially in this age of total social flakiness and last-minute plans making.

Adventure story: How I fell into detention in a notorious Middle Eastern Prison and how I got out. A DC resident writes of his experience this past summer in Beirut, at thisisbyus.us. Excerpt:

“Why do you want to use a phone? Does the concept of arrest elude you?” I wondered if he expected some sort of confession from this trio that would deliver us out of his hands and into more skilled ones. I wasn’t going to rot in any prison, I thought.

Throwing Hammers uses random clicks to probe the blog world and from it assembles sentences and photos. Drifting over the Blogosphere. Recommended by Sweet, who in a comment on TH’s blog, wrote: One of your best posts.

A Southern Belle and dedicated shopper, former intern at Kate Spade, is marking her birthday this month by shopping. Being Johnica: A Lifestyle.