DC Blogs Noted

Check these photos out: Graveyard of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” spotted on 21st Street, NW. From Brent Roberts’ Blogspot

We are just awful, awful people. I personally think this is one of the worst cities in the country, writes Jenny, who is in from South Florida. Through the Eyes of J.  

Barzelay on split infinitives, sentence-ending prepositions, subject-verb disagreement, purple prose, histrionic diction, internal inconsistency, random capitalization, missing and superfluous commas, improper use of ellipses, em dashes, en dashes …  

Theater recommendation, Red Light Winter,  from Moxie at Another Day in DC, who writes: these guys were just like friends of mine on college.. tasteless, off-color, jokes, etc. … of course, I loved it!

Rebooting Journal: Goodbye wretched Windows and off to Linux land. Too Many Words.

Nothing like female friendship to make you doubt your ability to be intimate, writes People Like Us in DC. Thoughts about an ex.

ok, so who turned on my biological clock? Two years from the big 3-0. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world