DC Blogs Noted

The DC Sidewalk Blog believes pedestrians and motorists are engaged in a war of attrition, while KAC says pedestrian life has been reduced to a game of Frogger.  KAC is specific, citing the “bulldozed mess” on Connecticut and the threat it poses to her coffee requirements. Meanwhile, the writer at DC Sidewalk is looking at this world realpolitik-like and writes: Pedestrians know that drivers will either not see them or not even consider them part of the traffic flow or they will see them and attempt to intimidate them with their vehicle.

Gay Canuck in the Capital says Tuesday’s High Heel Race attracted too many straights: I was annoyed because a large proportion of the crowd was straight. Countless screechy college girls and drunk dudes were carousing and enjoying the sights. Half of me was thrilled to have their support, the other half of me was angry. 

Some other observations about the high heel race:  Watching a slew of men more beautiful than I could ever be as a woman race down the street in high heels higher than I would ever dare to wear is the absolute best entertainment on the planet,  writes Dancing Barefoot.  Photographer Joe Tresh has some of the best photo work from the race, including Almost-Mayor Adrian Fenty with the grand prize winner.  And then there’s Fiery Nuggets who hears the noise from her apartment but is clueless on 17th St.

A re-re-report about the other Halloween: For the second year in a row, a group of NW DC parents are planning a children’s costume parade on Halloween evening in Dupont Circle. Babies, toddler, preschoolers, and young school-age kiddos are welcome, writes DC Baby.

Study it again. DC Education Blog takes issue with a Fannie Mae study that says DC’s awful public school system is one of the reasons why the District’s recent development boom hasn’t lured many families. The writer isn’t disagreeing with the awful part but with the claim that the ‘burbs are spending more on education.

Kids with rocks on the Capital Beltway, gets the attention of Jason Linkins at DCist … while it might be easy to let rock throwing juveniles take their place alongside the Cherry Blossom Festival as a landed DC tradition, the unavoidable fact is that this activity will likely end in a fatality …

Peaceful photo of the Anacostia River at Bloomingdale.

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